A collection of free add-ons for Firefox

A set of extensions for the Firefox browser in a single supplement.

Working collection of add-ons Firefox on Windows, for the study sites. The collection is one example of the application and create personal collections that enhance the browser.


All extensions are in one file (. xpi) and set the collection as a standard addition to the browser Firefox.

Free tools for the browser.

Using a set of extensions.

Using a set of extensions

 You can use this collection of extensions for free and without restrictions, but may not sell, licenses according to the incoming extensions.

 A set of amendments designed to research websites and comfortable stay in the network (Internet).

 After installation, you can use all the extensions in Firefox or delete unnecessary and unpack any archive, set favorites.

 The composition is selected so that there was no conflict between the extensions of Firefox and the browser worked steadily.

     Use extensions for your browser to full power! Explore and study the structure and facilities of any site.

The list of extensions in the collection
The list of extensions in the collection

Always operating unit

collection of extensions .

Free downloads
Free downloads

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collection of extensions