Updated Mozilla Firefox.

Free to download and update the browser.

Download and update Mozilla Firefox
Download free Mozilla Firefox (Windows, en-US)

Download and update Mozilla Firefox from the official site Mozilla. From developers. Upgrading your browser will be "clean", original Firefox comes with no third-party add-ons: extensions, plugins, toolbars - Yandex, Google, Ask , and more.


     Note. Upgrading Mozilla Firefox, all your additions and settings are no changes in this area will not be performed!

Download Mozilla Firefox for free - no ads, no registration, no SMS and stuff.

Mozilla Firefox - a free browser!

If you are requested to pay, then you have come into the hands of fraudsters

License information, you can check locally on the browser page Firefox :

about: license


Why update Mozilla Firefox.

Upgrade or install a new version of Firefox to work properly

Upgrade or install a new version of the browser, you need to work correctly Firefox c collection of extensions.

A collection of works on the latest stable version of the official from Mozilla Firefox.

Note. Sometimes developers extensions do not have time for new releases of the browser, then the issue of the collection is deposited before the stable working supplements.

Download Firefox
Update Firefox

Basic (common) reason to upgrade Firefox:

  •     Some irresponsible elements, all the while trying to crack the browser and then install malicious code on some harmless online with a user-created a lot of problems and headaches when you visit this website. Therefore, developers are constantly address the vulnerabilities by releasing new versions of the browser, and thus sometimes improve performance and service.
  •     The development of new web technologies and standards used to design websites and online services, in which outdated web browser you will not be able to provide interesting content for technical development of the website.
  •     Removal of "bugs", errors, programmers, in which the browser "buggy", "slow" and inappropriate behavior in relation to the user.

How to update Firefox?

browser is set to update automatically.

By default, the browser is set to update automatically. You do not need to search for updates Firefox.

 In fact does not have separate packs.

 There is always only one installation package that installs in Firefox regardless of whether you are upgrading your browser or installing it for the first time.